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BrainPOP Clean Energy & Mixer & Mocktail All-In-One Mango Colada (6 pack)

BrainPOP Clean Energy & Mixer & Mocktail All-In-One Mango Colada (6 pack)

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In 2021, Sierra Hooshiari founded BrainPOP, a nootropic functional beverage that promotes brain health. With a focus on health and wellness, BrainPOP redefines soda as a fun and healthy option. Our drinks prioritize organic ingredients and source fruit purées from fair-trade farms worldwide. We aim to make clean, high-quality foods affordable and accessible to all. In June 2022, we completed our first commercial production run, and now we proudly offer our first four SKUs in the Classic Line. Join us in our mission to create a smarter, healthier world, one delicious drink at a time. Cheers to BrainPOP!

Meet BrainPOP's Mango Colada in a 24-count case of 12oz cans. It has a delicious infusion of mango purée with a botanical caffeine blend, 6 amino acids, minerals & a hydration cocktail with Vitamin D.

BrainPOP is designed with thought and care. We use fruit purées that leave a fresh burst of fruit in your mouth, purchased from a family-owned business in the Midwest, that runs with the highest trade standards in how it treats its farmers around the globe. With only 8g of sugar per 12oz serving, this product makes caffeine-fueled energy rewarding and brain nutrition tasteful!

This product has no preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial flavors or color. We use organic ingredients wherever possible.

We want the next generation of energy-drink consumers to enjoy a lightly-flavored, delicious drink that refreshes and delights them.

Our simple and bright packaging is intended to pop a spark of creativity in our consumers' daily lives. Our gold light bulb and "Drink to Think" tagline inspires consumers to be present in the moment and live their best selves every day. #DrinkToThink @BrainPOPDrink

REFRESHING MANGO FLAVOR: Welcome the tropical breeze with our delicious Mango Colada flavor. BrainPOP Drink brings a twist to the conventional energy drinks with its refreshing fusion of fresh flavors, packed into a 12oz can. This natural, low-sugar beverage will help you stay energized while tantalizing your taste buds. Experience the Mango Colada flavor of BrainPOP Drink and make your day delightful and lively.

BOTANICAL CAFFEINE BLEND: Our revolutionary botanical caffeine blend offers a smooth, clean energy surge without the jitters or crashes you'd get from traditional energy drinks. With 90mg of caffeine per 12oz can, BrainPOP Drink is just the right pick-me-up you need to stay focused and invigorated without the caffeine overload. Energize your day in a healthier way with BrainPOP Drink.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: BrainPOP Drink doesn't just taste great, it's good for you too! We've loaded it with 4 essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to boost your overall wellness. A unique hydration cocktail featuring L-Creatine and L-Theanine provides a balanced uplift to both your mind and body. Choose BrainPOP Drink for an energy boost that also supports your health.

ADAPTOGENIC AND NOOTROPIC: BrainPOP Drink takes energy drinks to the next level with its adaptogenic and nootropic properties. This smart soda helps enhance cognitive function and mental clarity, keeping you focused and alert throughout your day. Whether it's a midday pick-me-up or a pre-workout boost you need, BrainPOP Drink has you covered.

QUALITY-ASSURED: BrainPOP Drink is proudly made in Brooklyn, NY, emphasizing our commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability. We're bringing a healthier, cleaner alternative to conventional energy drinks, keeping your well-being at the forefront. Give BrainPOP Drink a try today, and you'll be energized, focused, and refreshed all day long.

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